Midori Hara (born in Utsunomiya-City, Tochigi Pref.)  Japanese

1989 ・Auditioned for the Nippon Columbia Triad Label and won the competition.
    ・Debuted as a singer with the single "Tsugunai no Hibi" accompanied by Kazuo Zaitsu and released three solo albums.

1994 ・Formed the band Spank Happy with Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Shin Kouno,
     and released "My Name Is", "Freak Smile", etc. under the Toshiba EMI label.
     Considered a legendary band, the albums were rereleased for the '90s Best Music Series in 2007.

1998 - 1999
    ・Took part in the tours of Kyouko Koizumi and Soul Flower Union.

2000 ・Released an album "Blues Suisei" with Hideo Nakamura.

2001 ・Chose to become a care worker due to her grandfather's dementia.

2003 ・Formed Hara Midori & Chanchikizu and visited nursing homes to sing popular songs of the Meiji, Taisho, and earlier Showa periods.

2004 ・Organized a series of gigs of which the theme was Utau Onna Tomodachi (female vocal friends) for 6 months,
     and enlisted the performances of many respectable female musicians.
    ・Formed Kichijoji San Shimai with Michiru Sasano and Rika Shinohara, and they released "mindforest".
     After that, she looked after her grandfather as well as her beloved father, and started singing Yamanaka Bushi.

    ・Released "Koi☆Sazanami Bojo" including Yamanaka Bushi recorded with internationally active musicians,
     and dedicating it to her father.
    ・Moving back to her hometown, Utsunomiya-City, she collaborated with a local big band, Swing Twilight Orchestra,
     and introduced hot music of the Meiji, Taisho, and earlier Showa periods in Ishiwo and Midori's Chanchiki Yokocho
on CRT Tochigi Radio Station.
    ・Collaborating with localy active musicians, Chanchiki Yokocho welcomed Tatsuhiko Iino, a member of Flying Kids,
     and had gigs in Tokyo and at nursing homes.

    ・Formed Hara Midori New Trio (Tsuneo Imahori and Hoppy Kamiyama), she started having gigs at Kichijoji Mandala 2.

2009 -
    ・Travelling with her father's ashes for 3 years, she scattered some of them over the Chikugo River in Kurume-City,
     Fukuoka Pref., her father's homwtown, and it made her decide to move there, and
even got married to a man who
     was born in Kurume !
    ・Living in a tea-ceremony house in a zen temple, she gives vocal lessons NOW.

She has also narrated for TV shows and sung for commercials as well as a movie "Yamiutsu Shinzou"
(HEART BEATING IN THE DARK) directed by Shunichi Nagasaki,
and an NHK special TV program "Kitarou no Mita Gyokusai" with Music Director Yoshihide Otomo.